GRAPHENE BOOSTER®, Engine oil additive, reducing consumption

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4.9 / 5
GRAPHENE BOOSTER®, Engine oil additive, reducing consumption

Product presentation

GRAPHENE BOOSTER® is a new generation lubrication enhancer formulated with graphene.

Graphene, a nanomaterial whose properties were discovered fifteen years ago, offers many opportunities for innovation in multiple industrial sectors.

Safe and compatible with all types of engines, GRAPHENE BOOSTER® improves their performance by reducing friction of moving parts and optimising the thermodynamic qualities of engines. It boosts mechanical efficiency and also allows a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. (Between 5 and 18% fuel savings depending on the driving mode according to a study carried out by an independent control laboratory AGRISCAN MECA CONSEIL).

In the formulation of GRAPHENE BOOSTER®, graphene is combined with a very high performance lubricant, Mid SAPS, specially developed to meet manufacturers’ requirements for low emission engines.

GRAPHENE BOOSTER® is compatible with post-processing systems (3-way catalysts, oxidation catalysts, particulate filters) of petrol and diesel passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, buses, boats, gas engines, industrial equipment, compressors, generators…



  • Reduced fuel consumption: Up to 18% savings. *
  • Power gain between 3 and 5%. *
  • Noise reduction.
  • Controls corrosion
  • Improves operation at extreme temperatures (including cold starts).
  • Economical: the treatment should only be repeated every 2 oil changes. (60,000 km).
  • the price of the treatment amortised very quickly (between 4 and 5 fills).

* According to the tests by PV AGRISCAN MECA CONSEIL and the tests carried out by L.E.D. Laboratory

molécules de Graphène
3D illustration of graphene molecules




Average values
Weight by volume at 15° C.
Viscosity at 40°C
Viscosity at 100°C
Viscosity index
CCS viscosity at -35°C
< 6200
HT/HS viscosity at 150°C
< 2.9
Pour point (ASTM D97)
Flash point (ASTM D92)
> 240
Sulphated ash content
% weight
Sulphur content
% weight
Phosphorus content
% weight
TBN (ASTM D2896)
mg KOH/g

Graphene, a "natural" material derived from graphite, is an innovative carbon material with some amazing properties. Often described as a "miracle material", it is the lightest, thinnest, strongest, most durable, waterproof and best thermal conductor known to man. It also has the best lubricant power and lowest friction coefficient of any known material.

To find out more about graphene :

Due to the specific properties of graphene, our GRAPHENE BOOSTER® lubrication modifier not only treats the oil, but it also modifies its molecular structure to increase performance.



  • With the engine cold, check your oil level. It should not be too high to allow the addition of a dose of GRAPHENE BOOSTER®
  • Shake the GRAPHENE BOOSTER® vial vigorously before use.
  • Add the correct dose into the engine. It will only be fully effective after a minimum of 4 hours of engine operation at normal speed, without sudden acceleration.

GRAPHENE BOOSTER® will be deposited on all internal metal surfaces of the engine.



100 ml bottle in fully recyclable aluminium

Graphène Booster flacon de 100ml



Dosage:  Dose of 100 ml suitable for an engine with an oil sump with a capacity of 4 to 7 litres.

Adjust the quantities in proportion to the volume of oil in your vehicle.

For example:
Moto avec volume d’huile de 2 L : ½ dose.
Lorry with 20 L oil volume: 3 doses.



  • Keep the container closed until it is used.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Please recycle empty packaging.



  • Consult the Safety Data Sheet before use


Product developed and manufactured in France



Distributeur Suisse Find our Graphène Booster® distributor in Switzerland []


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Customer Reviews

Average grade : 4.9 (12 reviews)
  • (BRUXELLES 1080 Belgique)
    on 06-09-2023
  • - BMW X3 - Essence
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Tient ses promesses
  • J'ai acheté cet additif en mars dernier et l'ai ajouté après la vidange de mon X3, en prenant soin de relever ma conso moyenne. Je ne fais généralement que de l'autoroute et sur longs trajets. Ayant le pied un peu lourd je consomme généralement autour des 8L/100. Après 6 mois de test je remarque qu'à trajets équivalents je fais davantage de km avec mon plein. En moyenne j'ai gagné 0.5-0.6L/100km, en ne modifiant pas spécialement mon mode de conduite. Pour le moment le produit tient ses promesses, je verrai après la prochaine vidange!

  • (BORDEAUX 33000 )
    on 04-05-2023
  • Fourgon - IVECO DAILY - Diesel
  • Grade: 4.5 / 5
  • De belles économies
  • J'ai acheté ce produit en décembre dernier pour équiper notre flotte (4 fourgons IVECO DAILY et 1 RENAULT KANGOO de 2020 et 2021). Pour avoir déjà utilisé d'autres produits économiseurs de carburant miracles par le passé sans résultats probants, j'étais curieux de voir ce que celui-ci pouvait donner. Après 4 mois pleins d'usage pour tous les véhicules, notre budget carburant mensuel a baissé de 7-8% au global. Donc plutôt surpris et ravi de l'efficacité. Je vais suivre l'évolution et referai un retour dans quelques mois!
  • (SOMLOIRE 49360 )
    on 29-04-2023
  • Passenger car - MERCEDES - DIESEL
  • Grade: 4.5 / 5
  • A good and effective product
  • It is worth investing 75 euros in this product. In my case (3-litre V6 engine), I noticed more flexibility, less noise and finally a reduction in consumption of 5%, which is a good result because the engine had been treated during the previous 5,000 km by another product. the contribution of this product is obvious and indisputable. It has been applied recently and I expect to make long journeys to appreciate the benefits.

  • (Cournon 63800 )
    on 16-04-2023
  • Passenger car - Nissan Qashqai DCi 110 - Diesel
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Skeptical then convinced...
  • Since 3 fills and almost on the same route (mixed city / road), the consumption of my Qashqai DCI 110 has decreased from 6.7 to 6.8 litres / 100 km to 6,1 to 6,2 litres. Now a full of diesel allows me to travel about 900 km against 800 km before. the improvement in consumption is therefore real. I did not carry out any other intervention on my engine, change of filters or anything else...

    I have always been sceptical about the "miracle" products that were found a lot in advertising at one time in magazines or on car websites. But it is clear that the Graphene Booster really works on the consumption of my vehicle, and that at the current price of fuel, in 4 or 5 fills, the investment is amortised...

    on 16-04-2023
  • Passenger car - RENAULT CLIO III - Diesel
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • “My husband wanted to try the Graphene Booster on our second car to test its effectiveness. He added a dose last October. At the time, I had an average fuel consumption of 5.2L/100km.

    One month later in November, after driving 1918 km, I had an average fuel consumption of around 4.6L/100 km or 12% decrease. Even today, 6 months after the addition, my consumption remains stable around 4.6 L! Nothing to complain about… it works!

    As I do almost 2000 km per month, I have already saved 120 litres of diesel. My husband has since bought a new dose for our other car “.

  • (Vezezoux 43390 )
    on 13-04-2023
  • Passenger car - Peugeot 406 2l 16v - Essence
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Très satisfait
  • Propriétaire d'un véhicule de 27 ans je roule au E85 depuis plus d' 1 an sans aucune modification moteur. Il y a 3 mois, j'ai ajouté 1 dose de graphène booster verdict: meilleur démarrage à froid, quasiment plus aucun raté à l'accélération le véhicule tourne parfaitement.( Du fait du passage au E85 je ne peux me prononcer sur les économies de carburant). En résumé je suis ravi, enfin un additif qui fonctionne.

  • (SAYAT 63530 )
    on 07-04-2023
  • Passenger car - Citroën Berlingo multispace Blue HDI 100cv - Gas-oil
  • Grade: 4.5 / 5
  • I have driven about 16,000 km since the use of "Graphene Booster", I noticed a decrease of about 0.4 l/100kms according to the on-board computer (from 5.6 l to 5.2 l/100 km). I also think that the engine is slightly less noisy especially when cold.

    I am satisfied with my purchase. I will soon carry out a drain and I will check if my consumption remains constant.

    Best regards,


  • (AURILLAC 15 )
    on 17-03-2023
  • Passenger car - VOLVO XC40 - Moteur Essence Hybride rechargeable
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • 100% CONVINCED
  • “After being recommended by a friend, I was intrigued by this new product. So I tested GRAPHENE BOOSTER myself for my 2020 Volvo XC40 petrol hybrid. Average consumption of 6.1l – 6.2l/100km in normal times for classic home-office trips.

    After driving nearly 4 000km, my fuel consumption has already dropped to 5.5l or nearly 10% fuel savings. I’m a heavy driver (more than 35,000km per year), so it’s big savings!

    I am convinced and very satisfied.”

  • (Pinsac 46200 )
    on 14-03-2023
  • - Dodge Ram - Essence
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Not convinced before trying!!

    Consumption reduction of 17% with a mechanical silence as a bonus!!

    Performance with improved reactivity especially in cold weather!!

    Inexpensive and interval treatment

    that's my recommendation!!

  • (EPINAL 88 )
    on 10-03-2023
  • Passenger car - AUDI TT - Moteur Essence
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • “I used GRAPHENE BOOSTER for my AUDI TT in the summer of 2022. After 200km, I began to see a gradual decrease in my average fuel consumption, reaching 5.5L/100km.

    Today after 4,000km travelled, my consumption is stable, between 5.5 and 5.6L/100km depending on my trips. Very happy with my purchase! “.

  • (ALBI 82 )
    on 10-03-2023
  • Passenger car - TOYOTA AVENTIS BREAK - Moteur Diesel
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • I put this new product in my 2009 Toyota Aventis Estate. I not only noticed a better recovery of my engine, and especially a big reduction in consumption, but with similar home-work trips, I saved 1.1L of diesel per 100km. I went from an average consumption of 7.4L/100km to 6.3L/100km, which is a saving of almost 15%. It’s amazing, I recommend it!

  • (DALHAIN 57340 )
    on 07-03-2023
  • Fourgon - Ford Transit Custom - Gasoil
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Product used for two of our company vans: We essentially do only large trips and have noted a decrease in consumption between 10 and 12%, with an impression that the engine is more efficient and runs better. We are therefore very satisfied and will buy product for our other vehicles.

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