PARAFOULING®, biocide-free antifouling varnish

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4.9 / 5
PARAFOULING®, biocide-free antifouling varnish

Product presentation

Antifouling is a paint that is applied to the hull of a boat, on propellers, keel and all submerged elements, to protect them and prevent aquatic organisms from attaching (bacteria, unicellular algae, green algae, barnacles, sponges, marine worms…).

Without antifouling paint, aquatic organisms grow on the hull, causing:

  • Speed reduction.
  • A significant increase in fuel consumption.
  • In some cases, it is impossible to manoeuvre.

Conventional antifouling paints contain high concentrations of chemicals that are toxic to marine life, which gradually diffuse into the aquatic environment.

Consisting of a hard silicate matrix containing graphene for better friction resistance and improved anti-stick effect, PARAFOULING® is biocide-free and no other toxic components.

Thanks to innovative graphene technology, PARAFOULING® protects your hull sustainably, reduces your fuel consumption while fully respecting the environment.



  • Contains no biocide.
  • Environmentally friendly; does not release toxic product.
  • the substances used comply with European REACH legislation.
  • Applicable on a majority of materials.
  • Applicable on all parts whether immersed or not.
  • Quick application.
  • Monolayer.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Very strong covering power.
  • Minimum hold of 24 months (compared to only 12 months for classic antifouling).
  • Reduces friction and, at equivalent engine speed, the ship's speed by 3-5%.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 3-5%.
  • Can be applied outside fairing areas.

molécules de Graphène
3D illustration of graphene molecules




Average values
Matrix type
Hull type
Polyester, steel, aluminium, wood
Navigation area
Low to high soiling
Navigation speed
0 to >25 knots
Hardening mechanism
Solvent evaporation and crystallisation
Number of layers
Drying time
3-4 hours
Time before putting back in the water
24 hours minimum
0.75 L
0.84± 0.05
Recommended thickness
1 to 5 µm dry
Thickness not to exceed
10 µm dry
Practical efficiency
25m² for 750 ml
Temperature range for application
+10°C to +35°C
Cleaning solvent

Graphene, a "natural" material from graphite, is an innovative carbon material with amazing properties. Often described as a “miracle material,” graphene is the lightest, thinnest, toughest, most durable, most waterproof, and best known thermal conductor. Graphene also has the highest lubricity or the lowest coefficient of friction of all known materials.

Learn more about graphene:



Surface condition: Clean and adherent.

  • Shake the package well before use to ensure good homogeneity of the product.
  • Apply PARAFOULING® pure in one layer, do not dilute.
  • Apply with HD hard foam roller or HVLP sprayer.


  • the quantity deposited must not be more than 50 g/m2; the minimum quantity to obtain good efficiency is 10 g/m2.
  • A 750 ml can is enough to treat the hull of a 12 to 14 m vessel.
  • the exceptional mechanical strength of graphene guarantees PARAFOULING® longevity of at least 2 years.



750 ml metal bottle, totally recyclable.

Flacon Parafouling 750ml




  • Coverage : Approximately 25 m2 per 750 ml bottle.

A 750 ml can is enough to treat the hull of a boat from 12 to 14 m.



  • Store away from frost and heat in a dry place: Temperature between 5°C and 30°C.
  • Maximum storage time: 1 year in original packaging.
  • Remember to recycle empty packaging.



  • This product is labelled as hazardous due to the presence of solvent in its composition. After drying, PARAFOULING® becomes completely inert and does not present any danger to the environment.
  • When spraying, use eye protection.
  • Wearing gloves is recommended.


Product developed and manufactured in France



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Customer Reviews

Average grade : 4.9 (9 reviews)
  • (St Georges d'Orques 34680 )
    on 04-05-2023
  • Vedette - White Shark 237
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Facile à poser
  • Je viens de poser le produit ce jour. Difficile de donner un avis constructif si ce n'est que je l'ai trouvé facile à déposer.
    J'avais prévu un pistolet HVLP ainsi que des rouleaux mousses. La météo m'a obligé à mettre de côté le pistolet car trop d'air.
    J'appréhendais un peu la manipulation avec le rouleau notamment aux proches des virures mais finalement ce fut très simple. Le bateau est actuellement en séchage afin de respecter les 24h puis retour à l'eau demain.
    Je pourrais déjà constater le gain en performance par rapport à l'antifouling précédemment posé.
    Précision : j'ai gratté entièrement la carène jusqu'au gelcoat (opération longue et fastidieuse), appliqué une laque blanche puis dépose du Parafouling.
    J'en ai également appliqué sur l'embase de mon moteur Z drive
    Rendez-vous dans quelques mois pour un premier bilan.
  • (Clohars-Carnoët 29360 )
    on 25-04-2023
  • Sailboat - Tricat 30
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • Easy tu use
  • I used Parafouling on parts of my multi-hull which races and must remain very clean. We cannot use traditional antifouling on these parts.

    the first impression is surprising but great with ease of installation and amazing coverage. the effectiveness will be significant and known soon.

  • (CARQUEIRANNE 83320 )
    on 20-04-2023
  • Sailboat - JEANNEAU RUSH GTE
  • Grade: 4.5 / 5
  • Very easy cleaning of the hull
  • I applied PARAFOULING at the beginning of February, with the lacquer roller on an existing layer of antifouling product, vc 17, with a hard matrix.

    The boat is a 30 footer, and about 1/4 of the contents of the canister remained at the end of application, so I think that it was pretty close to 10 microns.

    the hull was sanded before that and is quite smooth and in good condition, sanded over the last 10 years.

    The possible disadvantage when applying PARAFOULING is its drying time of 24 hours, because for a boat placed on 4 skids supported by steel bars around the fairing, the surface under the skids cannot be treated except to have the boat re-lifted by the crane operator or to have adjustable shafts.

    Well, in any case, the boat left its fairing port, sailing under spinnaker and, it seems to me to glide much faster.

    Yesterday I brushed the rudder which had a small layer of fouling on the side exposed to the south. This deposit detached very easily from the rudder, disappearing in a greenish cloud.

  • (HYERES 83400 )
    on 11-04-2023
  • Sailboat - ELAN 350
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • A company specialised in the preparation and maintenance of boats in the Var, we tested PARAFOULING for of one of our customer’s ELAN 350. After hydro gumming the old layers of paint, we applied PARAFOULING in one layer. We used a little more than one can to cover the entire hull at the waterline. Emeric, the owner of the boat is in full gauge for the rating of his boat after the hull treatment and with the new carbon mast. Thank you very much, for now it works very well.

  • (TOULON 83000 )
    on 07-04-2023
  • Vedette - JEANNEAU PRESTIGE 32
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • I recently redid the fairing of my Prestige 32. the hull was covered with worn hard matrix antifouling. Here are the different operations performed:

    - Cleaning of the hull at high pressure;

     - integral scraping of the hull to remove the last algae and dirt;

     - then light sanding to pass a thin layer of black paint, just outside the flotation to renovate the aesthetics;

    - Finally we applied a layer of PARAFOULING on the hull, propeller, shaft…

     - I also bought GRAPHENE BOOSTER additive for the two Volvo engines;

     since the release: what happiness! It is no longer the same boat … it is the first time that i reach 27 knots, barely at 2900rpm, it glides on the water and planes like never before.

    I am impressed by the gliding performance; it literally flies on the water …

     I am amazed by the pleasure and joy it gives me, and it will provide beautiful outings this summer.

    Thank you PARAFOULING!

  • (Iles Canaries 35001 Espagne)
    on 06-03-2023
  • Sailboat - XYACHT X372 SPORT
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • My XYacht X372 sport sailboat was faired a few months ago with your Parafouling product. It had been coated in July 2022 with an erodible matrix.

    After sanding my hull, my boat looks very rock n' roll with its hull washed jeans,; it is very new, but not necessarily meeting the aesthetic criteria of the traditional navy. (I'm a little old!!!)

    To remedy this I bought a pot of antifouling matrix hard navy blue to make a plain band of 30 cm under the waterline, now when I heel over, we do not see the "not finished side" that gives the washed jean effect.

    Your recommendations on the quantity 750 ml for my boat fairing are correct. the dimensions are 10m5 at flotation, on 3.5 of master baud and a bulbous keel which is 2m deep. I have 30ml left.

    the sprayer in one hand, the cloth in the other, apply Parafouling to the hull took less than 2 hours for one man, including scaffolding movements (which in my opinion counts for half the time) and drying included. And having to do only one layer is great, it limits the costs of dry dock at the site (one day).

    I also varnished the Maxprop shaft and propeller (I took care to move the propeller blade gears during drying.

    the rest of Parafouling was sprayed on the bow and my hull, facilitating sliding at the heeling angle.

    After putting Roscana 2 back in the water, there is a clear difference between before and after:

    • When there are crosswinds, for 12 knots of wind I improved by 2 knots: From 6 I go to 8.

    • When downwind I gain 1.7 knots

     • and it is especially in light winds with wind accelerations that I noticed a clear difference; Roscana 2 is much more alive.

    I talked a lot to my pontoon comrades about Parafouling,; most of them showed keen interest.

    Depending on their needs, the convincing arguments are:

    • Ease of application - only one coat

     • Drying time

     • Lasts for approximately 2 years (not to be done every year)

     • Ecological

     • Cost price (especially if Parafouling lasts 2 or 3 years)

     o Equivalent price (or even cheaper) than the 2 layers of conventional antifouling

     o Lower site costs: Less time at the site, two layers of conventional antifouling require at least one night at the site

     o Cost of ownership: A single dry dock lasts for 2 years

    Complément d'avis Mai 2023

    « Quelques semaines après avoir caréné avec le parafouling, j'ai eu la désagréable surprise de constater que des éléments de couleur venaient se coller sur l'étrave, le safran et la ligne de flottaison.  Mes amis navigateurs se sont un peu moqués de moi et de Parafouling dont je leur avais vanté les qualités. J'ai pu tester la facilité de nettoyage simplement en allant naviguer par 20 knts de vent, le bord de portant à 9-10 knts a nettoyé toute la carène.

    Facile avec Parafouling, même pas besoin de coup d'éponge. Promesse tenue. Les copains ont trouvé ça chouette.

    A bientôt,

    Henri »

  • (SAINT-HERBLAIN 44800 )
    on 21-02-2023
  • Sailboat - OVNI 435
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • The professional who takes care of the maintenance of our UFO 435 sailboat has applied the product to the hull. Very easy to apply. 1/2 glass of product was left. To avoid wasting it, a syringe was used to recover the Parafouling and place it on a microfibre before applying it to the entire hull and there is still some left in the bottle. We are satisfied with the results.

  • (Montpellier 34000 )
    on 21-08-2022
  • Vedette - Marque non renseignée
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • We tested in 2020 PARAFOULING on our 9m boat. Fibreglass hull covered with an epoxy undercoat and application of a layer of PARAFOULING varnish in finish as recommended. We used about 0.5L to cover the hull. Two years after the application of the product, using our boat 2 to 3 times a week, we are still fully satisfied!

    the hull is always in perfect condition, and periodic cleaning with a brush is enough to keep it impeccable. We are delighted…

  • (STRASBOURG 67000 )
    on 15-10-2020
  • Barque - Marque non connue
  • Grade: 5 / 5
  • We own a historic boat in Strasbourg and wanted to test PARAFOULING to improve the ease of maintenance of the hull. Note that our boat is permanently moored at the Port, and is used occasionally for short distances, at reduced speed. The boat was renovated at the beginning of 2020 with a classic paint, then application of a layer of PARAFOULING. Six months later, we took out the boat and easily removed the biomass and dirt from the hull just with medium pressure water.

    No tedious brushing or sanding and it is very appreciated. We used to take the boat out every 6 to 8 months to clean it, and almost three years later, it is still easy to clean.

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