Thermo Reflect®, reflected insulation

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Thermo Reflect®, reflected insulation


THERMO-REFLECT® is a thermal insulation coating, ready to use and in water phase, which increases the thermal insulation of buildings for domestic or professional use in summer and winter.

THERMO-REFLECT® is formulated from acrylic resins in aqueous phase and hollow microspheres of a few microns that give it improved insulation characteristics and innovative and efficient thermal protection.

THERMO-REFLECT® reduces the energy costs of buildings and saves up to 40%.

Thanks to its reflectivity, in hot weather, THERMO-REFLECT® reflects most of the solar radiation to the atmosphere and prevents heat from entering the building. 


In cold periods, THERMO-REFLECT®, thanks to its insulating power, slows down the penetration of cold into materials and retains the heat accumulated in the building.


THERMO-REFLECT® is very easy to apply and does not require any special equipment.

THERMO-REFLECT® adheres to all types of materials: concrete, wood, metal, stone, plastic, brick…

THERMO-REFLECT® can be applied outside, on façades or roofs, as well as indoors, to achieve an ITI without a thermal bridge and without encroaching on living areas.

Applied externally, THERMO-REFLECT® has excellent resistance to extremes (polar cold or extreme heat waves, humidity, pollution, dust, dirt of all kinds...). Its exclusive formulation also offers algicide and fungicide protection.

Insensitive to UV, THERMO-REFLECT® does not yellow and does not degrade over time. Its service life is longer than that of traditional coatings.

When applied indoors, THERMO-REFLECT® cancels the cold wall effect and prevents condensation of water vapour in the air.

3 in 1, THERMO-REFLECT® in a single operation beautifies, strengthens thermal insulation, and regulates the humidity of your building.

Thermal insulation and regulation of the hygrometry of your building




  • Energy-saving: Reduction of heating and air conditioning costs by up to 40%.
  • Easy to apply: THERMO-REFLECT® can be applied as a conventional paint, without any specific material.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® is suitable for all types of climates and temperatures.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® resists water, snow, ice, hail, sun, and wind and provides protection 12 months a year.
  • Variable permeability: THERMO-REFLECT® is waterproof, and nevertheless "breathable" thus permitting evaporation of water vapour and moisture.
  • Outstanding durability: Insensitive to UV,THERMO-REFLECT® does not yellow and does not degrade over time.
  • the composition of THERMO-REFLECT® prevents the appearance and proliferation of moulds and foams, avoiding the need for algaecide.
  • Soundproofing the building: THERMO-REFLECT® reflects sound waves, preventing them from penetrating the surface.
  • Applied to roof terraces, THERMO-REFLECT®  resists standing water and ensures your roof’s sealing. THERMO-REFLECT® can also withstand pedestrian traffic without losing efficacy.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® solves the problems of thermal bridges and improves interior comfort.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® eliminates condensation in humid atmospheres and in cold walls.
  • Washable finish paint: THERMO-REFLECT® is easy to clean with water. 
  • Applied as a reflective roofing coating, THERMO-REFLECT® is eligible for the EWC (Energy-saving Certificate).



Type of resin
Acrylic, aqueous phase
Film appearance
Appearance in pot
CSTB EM120-260 84 845 report
CTSB EM120-260 84 845 report
CTSB EM120-260 84 845
Sealed from air
CTSB EM120-260 84 845 report
8 colours available, colour chart on request.
0.9 + 0.05
EN ISO 2811-1: 2002
Amount used
4 m2/L/layer on a smooth surface, 3 m2/l/layer on an irregular surface
Yields can vary depending upon the characteristics of the surface
Dry extract by weight
EN ISO 3251:2019
Thermal conductivity
ʎ = 0.14 1W/mK
Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
< 10g/L for this product
Emissions in interior: A+, Complies with the COV 2004/4 CE directive (2010) – (Cat. A/i: 140g/L max)
Thermal emissions
ASTM C-1371
Solar reflectance
ASTM C-1549
SRI solar reflection index
ASTM E1980
SRI as per the QUV test at 4000 hours
No loss
EN ISO 16474-3
Eligible for EEC (Economic Energy Certificate)
No SRI loss after 4000 hours of ageing
Fire classification
BRoof T3
Nf EN 13501-5
Adherence test
Grid test: complies
EN ISO 2409:2007


THERMO-REFLECT®‘s high thermal emissivity (91%) and high solar reflection (83%) values provide “cool roofs”.

the “cool roof” technology consists of applying a reflective coating with high emissivity on the roof of buildings that prevents the absorption of solar radiation. As the roof remains cooler, the amount of heat transferred into the building is reduced, thus maintaining a colder and more constant interior temperature.

This process applies to any type of building: Commercial, industrial, residential... 

Thermo Reflect roofing any type of building

In summer, THERMO-REFLECT® will help keep buildings cool and save significant air conditioning energy costs

Outside temperature 35°C

In winter, however, only reflective paints do not bring any energy benefits.

THERMO-REFLECT® is a reflective and insulating coating that improves the thermal comfort of buildings and saves energy throughout the year.

THERMO-REFLECT® brings the benefits of Cool Roof and thermal insulation in one product.


  • the insulation properties and performance of THERMO-REFLECT® can be used exclusively or as a complement to indoor use.
  • THERMO-REFLECT®  can replace any finishing paint.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® can be dyed with a simple universal dye.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® enables fast, simple, low-fouling implementation.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® avoids thermal bridges and regulates the humidity of homes.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® is washable and easy to maintain.
  • Thanks to its thinness, THERMO-REFLECT® avoids "erasing" useful space, unlike conventional insulations.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® in its aqueous phase is classified A+ for indoor use, with virtually no release of VOCs into the atmosphere, accentuating its eco-virtuous side.

Thermo Reflect en Intérieur

 Thermo Reflect façade d'immeuble




Indoors :

  • Prepare the surfaces according to DTU 59-1.
  • On already painted backgrounds (old glossy or satin paints): Sand to break the gloss, wash, rinse, then let dry.

Outdoors :

  • Per DTU 59-1 and 42.1: the surfaces should be healthy, cohesive, clean, and dry.
  • Oxidisable metals: Remove and treat traces of rust beforehand.

Application :

  • Ready-to-use product.
  • Thoroughly mix THERMO-REFLECT® before application.
  • the application temperature must be between 5°C and 35°C.
  • Application in two layers while complying with coating times.

1-Manual application with roller :

Indoors :


  • For uneven surfaces, use rollers with long bristles, larger than 15 millimetres.
  • For smoother surfaces, use rollers with short bristles (15 to 5 mm).
  • For a thicker resulting coating, use a short-pile roller to apply the second coat.

Outdoors :


  • Use an 18 mm polyamide front Méché roller.


2-Airles application :


  • Maximum 10% dilution in water. Blue 523 nozzle. Working pressure 180 bar.
  • Apply the product in 2 successive crossed passes without accumulation.


Drying time
5 degC
20 degC
30 degC
Dry to the touch
1 h
30 min
20 min
Can add another layer
24 h
6 h
4 h
Ready for foot traffic
24 h
12 h
6 h

Thermo Reflect façade immeuble



15 litre bucket made of recycled plastic.

Seau Thermo Reflect 15Litres



THERMO-REFLECT® is applied in two coats respecting the coating times at the rate of:

  • 4 m² /L/ layer on a smooth surface.
  • 3 m²/L/ layer on an uneven surface.

Or a consumption of:

  • 0.50L for 1 m² for the 2 layers on smooth surface. (2 m²/L).
  • 0.60L for 1 m² for the 2 layers on irregular surface. (1.7 m²/L).

A 15L bucket of THERMO-REFLECT® covers from 25 to 30 square metres.



  • Store away from frost and heat in a dry place: Temperature between 5°C and 30°C.
  • Maximum storage time: 1 year in original packaging.



  • Product classified as non-hazardous.
  • Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
  • Store away from frost.
  • Do not apply if rain or frost is to be feared within 48 hours.
  • Recycle empty packaging.


Product developed and manufactured in France



Technical data sheet Fiche Technique PARAFOULING®TDS-Thermo Reflect®
Safety data sheet Fiche de sécurité PARAFOULING®SDS-Thermo Reflect®
Complete dossier Dossier complet PARAFOULING®Complete dossier Thermo Reflect®
Dossier complet PARAFOULING® CalameoComplete dossier Thermo Reflect®
Color Chart Dossier complet PARAFOULING® Color Chart-Thermo Reflect®

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Customer Reviews

Average grade : 4.5 (1 reviews)
  • (LIMOGES 87000 )
    on 16-04-2023
  • Grade: 4.5 / 5
  • “I own a detached house. One of the rooms in the house is adjacent to the garage. This room was particularly cold and difficult to heat. I was advised to insulate the garage wall to make the room more comfortable, but I did not want to get into big expensive work. I was told about a paint that could improve thermal insulation and I thought it might be a solution. So I ordered Thermo Reflect from Eco'Prisme, which I applied to the entire wall of my garage. the product is applied very easily as a paint. I did the work in 2 days.

    I applied a first coat and the next day a second. the final appearance is clean. the garage is now brighter. The room is already much cooler and less humid. The paint blocked all the interstices through which the cold air passed. By touching the room wall, you can feel that the room is much less cold. I used less heating to keep the room warm. There was really an improvement after the application of THERMO-REFLECT.

    I am now thinking of completing the insulation by also repainting the walls of the room.

    I am attaching 2 photos of the garage wall, one before application and one second after application of the Thermo reflect"

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